D.o.b: 2015-11-07 - 5 boys & 4 girls
Swe TrCH Cloette's Splendid Surprice

Hips: A
Eyes: Clear
PRA Cord1: Clear/Normal

High Score I Told You So "Iza"

Hips: A
Eyes: Clear
PRA Cord1: Carrier

Sire: Swe TrCH Cloette's Splendid Suprice
Name: Owner: Other:
HS No Guts No Glory    
HS No Smoke No Fire    
HS No Shit No Sherlock    
HS No Fame No Fortune    
HS No Money No Honey    
HS Never Miss A Kiss    
HS Never Tell A Lie    
HS Never Walk Alone    
HS Never Lock Back    

SE VCH Cloette's Splendid Surprise

Lordsett White Track Back To Linmoor

Mompesson Cavendish
Linmoor Back On Track
Linmoor Above The Rest C.I.E ShCH
Lelica's No Reply
ShCH Linmoor Zatisfaction

High Score I Told You So


High Score Designed Dynamite C.I.B ShCH WintonThe Winner Takes It All
Barecho Quality Vision
ShCH Celgarn Next Stop High Score GB ShCH Petranella Perfick
ShCH Next Generation Vom Springer-Clan at Celgarn