C.I.E JWW-08 Swe & Norw SH CH
High Score Top-Model

born.2007-04-15   -   S 35796/2007


Sire: C.I.E Swe & Norw SH CH High Score On-The-Move Oskar

Dam: Swe SH CH New Design's Not For Sale Heli 
Titti 3,5 years
Owner: Kennel High Score
Hipscore: B
Eyes: Clear (31/3 2012)
Fucosidosis: Parents clear
Showresults: Best Puppy In Show SSRK Boden 071027
Best Puppy In Show SSRK Boden 071117
Best Puppy In Show SSRK Umeå 071125

SSRK Nat Show Piteå 080301 - CC and BOS
NKK Int Show Harstad 080419 - CC BOB and BIG-3
SKK Int Show Piteå 080601 - CC BOS
SSRK Nat Show Övik 080608 - CC BOB BIS-3
World Dog Show Stockholm 080706 - Junior World Winner-08, Reserve CAC
SKK Show Tvååker 080712 - CC BB-2
SSRK Nat Show Boden 081101 - CC BB-2
SKK Int Show Stockholm 081207 - CC BB-5
SSRK Nat Show Skellefteå 090502 - CC and New Show Champion
SSRK Nat Show Umeå 100905 - BOB & BEST IN SHOW
SSRK Nat Show Boden 101023 - BOB and BIS-3
Norwegian Spaniel Club Jubilee Show 101127 - BOB and BIS-3
CACIB Show Brno Czech Rep 100205 - CAC CACIB and BOB
SKC Int Show Gällivare 140628 - CACIB and BOB = new C.I.E

High Score On-The-Move

SU(u)CH Wongan Kadenza AUCH Azucroft On The Prowl
AUCH Wongan Amazing Grace
SU(u)CH NUCH HighScore Imagine-Me JWW-02 NordUV-02 SU(u)CH NUCH Trollängens Cross Country
IntUCh NordUCh SVCh Rowntree New Wave At High Score

New Design's Not For Sale


NORDUCH Barecho Name Of The Game
Trollängens Bobby McGee
SU(u)CH Barecho Front Page Story
New Design's Elegant Dancer
Trimere Tribbiani
FINUCH Adamant's Dancing Queen